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Pam DeMelim

I agree with every point you make. Just because I am a woman does not mean I want a woman for VP, President or any other office or position. I want the best qualified person. If it's a woman, then I think that's great-I'm disgusted with what is being done. And she thinks because she didn't blink I should be impressed! I'm shocked that she thinks blinking and putting thought behind an important decision is a sign of weakness. She is unqualified for the job in ways you have outlined above and I fear what the future has in store for all of us. Thanks for giving me something to email to my family and friends supporting my position on this whole thing.

Hope you are well.

Vicki Donlan

I hear exactly what you say but I still have great cynism for the 2-party system and realize everyday means whom can top whom. I ask your readers to think of what a country we would be if 4 years from today we were actually paying attention to debates participated by Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin? Yes, I am a Hillary supporter, as perhaps, many of you are. Can you believe the how much sexism there is in 2008? Can you believe that when Barack Obama, a person who insists his judgement is second to none, had a chance to make the most important decision of his life he decided not to put Hillary on the ticket. Politics stink. It isn't about you is best for the job or who can do the job best. America is in terrible shape and anyone who believes that either of our choices represent change, in my opinion isd misguided. America is desperately in need of women at the top -- in politics, in corporate, in every arena. Please read A Post American World and you will understand how the rest of the world is rising as we sit by and argue which party is best for America.

carol slezak

Way to go Susan! And I thought I was the only one who felt this way. I commend you on speaking out on what the real issues are and not just being "starry eyed" that a female has been chosen. I'm sure Sarah Palin is a very nice person, but is not the material needed to get the job done.

Darlene Dymsza

Sarah is no Hilary. In reading, Carl's Bernstein's Book-A Woman in Charge, everyone can see that Hilary was a leader from her college years at Wellsley.John McCain's VP choice did produce shock value for the Democrats.However, Sarah's lack of experience on the VP ticket and ultra conservative views are not helping the womens movement. However,less infomed woman feel that putting Sarah on the ticket is great.

Stephanie Ledoux

I find it personally insulting that John McCain and company actually think women would be impressed by his choice of Sarah Palin. My very first opinion on this was, "this is just a ploy to win people over to their side who were behind Hillary." Just shows that they still don't get it. We don't just want a woman in political office because of her gender; we want a qualified, competenent women in office that will represent our country's best interests.


You write very well.

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